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Tesuki-Washi EchiZen Warmtone 110

Tesuki-Washi EchiZen Warmtone 110

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ILFORD GALERIE Tesuki-Washi EchiZen Warmtone 110 is true handmade Japanese Washi based fine art paper. The Echizen area, which produces base paper, has a washi history in 1500 years. The washi is carefully produced handmade and one by one it is valued by many artists for its Quality and usage for their art work. Tesuki-Washi EchiZen Warmtone 110 can perform deep black and warm white inkjet printing with a natural handmade texture, by ILFORD's original coating. A1 + and A3+ size has deckle edges on all four sides.


- True hand made Japanese paper
- Composed of a mixture of Kozo 40% and hemp 60% fibres
- Unique textured surface
- Especially suitable for monochrome photos

Designed for use with both desktop and wide format inkjet printer systems using either aqueous dye or pigment inks from major manufacturers.


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