Wilson Electronics launch in South Africa: Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Wilson Electronics launch in South Africa: Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Wilson Electronics Launches New Line of Professional Grade Cell Phone Signal Boosters in South African Market

Wilson Electronics: North America’s top-selling cell phone signal booster brands for consumers and enterprise, is happy to announce that they’ve entered the South African Market with the intent of catering to the largely underserved “SMB” space. This largely comprises Office Buildings, warehouses and factories.


Wilson Electronics are solely represented in South Africa by PPM’s partner company called Bolton Technical, a Johannesburg-based distribution company who ship the product from their local facilities, provide technical and sales support of the boosters and offer turnkey installation services of the WilsonPro Boosters.

Wilson Electronic’s goal is to provide the best quality boosters in the market, backed up by first class technical sales and support. In addition, our select local partner is fully equipped to provide first class systems design, installation and support.

The WilsonPro product line features cell boosters designed and engineered for installation in larger areas where signals are generally weak or cannot penetrate because they are blocked by materials used in a building’s construction, such as concrete, steel and reflective glass materials.

We’ve initially entered the African market with 2 Mid-range boosters capable of covering 500m2 and 1,000m2 respectively (Multiple units can quite easily cover much larger spaces). We are also in a ICASA Testing phase for a powerful mobile vehicle units

Extensive tests done by independent labs* prove Wilson cell boosters provide an indoor coverage area up to 6 times larger than competing boosters. Wilson signal boosters outperform the competition by delivering:

  • Higher uplink (phone-to-tower) power for higher user capacity and greater calling range
  • Higher downlink (tower-to-phone) power for more expansive indoor coverage area

How They Work
Wilson Pro booster systems use antennas and an amplifier to capture available cell signals outside a building, boost those signals and re-distribute the amplified signals inside the building, ensuring reliable coverage even inside buildings where signals previously were weak or unavailable.


WilsonPro signal boosters by Wilson Electronics work with all cell service providers in South Africa (including Cell C, MTN, Vodacom and Telkom), boosting voice and data services, including 4G LTE, for all phones and cellular-enabled devices. Both products are covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and are certified by ICASA.

Their patented self-optimizing Automatic Gain Control design minimizes installation time and automatically adjusts to any change in cell signal conditions, increasing or decreasing the required level of boost for any individual carrier’s signal as needed. Because environmental changes, such as rain, can affect the boosting level inside a building, the WilsonPro boosters help businesses avoid frequent adjustments to their cell booster settings so they can spend more time on work and less time on company tech issues.

A500 and A1000 Boosters for Buildings
The A500 and A1000 Boosters provide the maximum downlink (cell tower to device) power of any competing solution available and allows for more expansive indoor signal coverage area*. They cover 500m2 and 1,000m2 respectively, however multiple units can cover much larger areas with the correct systems design.

More information on these and other Wilson Electronics signal booster solutions are available at the Bolton Technical Website *test data and ICASA certification available upon request.

Vehicle Boosters
weBoost is the consumer brand of Wilson Electronics vehicle booster kits. They have a multi-user kits engineered for 900/1800/2100 Bands in South Africa and will boost vehicle signal for all phones and all carriers. We are still in the ICASA Testing phase with the vehicle units and thus they are not currently available for retail. Stay posted for future updates on these.

About Wilson Electronics, LLC
Wilson Electronics, LLC, and its subsidiaries weBoost and WilsonPro are leaders in the wireless communications industry, and have designed and manufactured cell phone signal boosters, antennas and related components for more than 20 years. Each booster is designed to significantly improve cellular coverage in a home, in a workplace or in a vehicle. All Wilson Electronics products are designed and tested in the USA to meet FCC Standards and are approved in South Africa by ICASA and Test-Africa to meet specific local industry standards. For more information, visit www.wilsonelectronics.com.

About Bolton Technical and Techline Global
Bolton Technical are the sole distributors for Wilson Electronics Cell Phone Signal Boosters in Southern Africa. They offer Turnkey Installation Services and the Bolton range of Antennas, Cables and Accessories. Techline Global along with PPM are the holding company of Bolton Technical and  hold a 6 year contract as the Sole Master Distributors for Wilson Electronics in the African continent. We hold type approval in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Senegal and Libya and Mali, with distribution partnerships in an additional 7 countries that are in the regulatory process. The parent company resides in Houston, Texas with local Pty. Ltd Company formations in South Africa and Nigeria and Morocco. For more information, visit www.techlineglobal.com


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