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CBW400 Canvas Bright White Matt

The CBW400 is a bright white, matt coated canvas. The matt canvas surface emphasizes the artistic character for reproductions of paintings. Due to its large color gamut with deep blacks it is also very suitable for photorealistic printouts like landscapes and portraits.



This substrate is acid-free, providing a high resistance to ageing and light. Coated on both sides, it offers additional possibilities for use, e.g. the printing of double-sided photo albums with an artistic flair. The very fine, homogenous surface structure with matt coating ensures a pleasing and firstclass feel.


PFR295 FINEART RAG (295 g/m²)

This naturally white, heavy PFR295 has an extremely fine and homogenous ultra smooth surface structure. It is a unique 100% cotton printing substrate for artwork reproductions for reaching the highest artistic requirements. It is absolutely acid-free and thus extremely age and light resistant.


GB 330 GALLERYBOARD (330 g/m²)

The surface of this heavy-weight, acid-free, finely structured fine art paper is ideal for demanding, artistic b/w and sepia photos, digital art reproductions and out-of-the-ordinary portraits, such as act photos. Its extremely good image stability in conjunction with pigmented inks contributes to the excellent rating and sustainability of this paper and it creates a professional and high-quality impression to the observer.