• Gold Fibre Pearl 290gsm

    R1,783.00R7,907.00 Including VAT
    ILFORD GALERIE Gold Fibre Pearl features true baryta (barium sulphate) coating to create high definition images with an extended tonal range and archival properties making it a must for exhibition quality printing. This versatile paper is perfect for colour images with excellent vibrancy and depth or for producing traditional black and white prints. Key features
    • True baryta photo paper
    • Free of optical brighteners
    • Natural white tint
  • Galerie Prestige Gold Fibre Gloss 310gsm

    R909.00R9,866.00 Including VAT
    ILFORD GALERIE Gold Fibre Gloss has a baryta-like surface and delivers high-end photo prints in professional photography, fine art reproduction and exhibition. This medium is free of optical brighteners and meets the criteria for durability according to ISO 9706. Key features:
    • Look and feel of traditional baryta photo paper
    • TIIPA award winner
    • Free of optical brighteners
    • Available in 64”
  • Galerie Prestige Smooth Cotton Rag 310gsm

    R909.00R11,499.00 Including VAT
    ILFORD GALERIE Smooth Cotton Rag paper leads the way for professional fine art printing. This mould-made, 100% cotton rag paper has been crafted specifically to meet the needs of fine art photographers who want the confidence that the media they use will deliver accurate and dynamic results time after time. Smooth Cotton Rag is free of optical brighteners and meets the criteria for durability according to ISO 9706. Key features:
    • 100% cotton
    • Smooth surface
    • Water resistance
    • Free of optical brighteners
    • Available in 64”
  • Galerie Prestige Fine Art Textured Silk 270gsm

    R740.00R6,454.00 Including VAT
    ILFORD GALERIE FineArt Textured Silk offers a 25% cotton and 75% cellulose alternative capable of delivering stunning contrast and sharpness with a large colour gamut. It is also excellent for black and white reproductions.   Key features:
    • Excellent image sharpness
    • Textured matt surface
    • 25% cotton and 75% alpha-cellulose
    • Warm white media colour
  • ILFORD GALERIE Washi Torinoko is a fine art paper with a traditional, Washi, Japanese base and a fine-textured surface. The base, exclusively produced for ILFORD, is manufactured using a specialized Japanese Tanmo machine which produces a paper so refined it looks like it has been handmade. The Washi base is made in the Echizen area of Japan. This area is famous for the production of traditional Japanese paper and has a history of 1500 years in paper production. Torinoko Washi has the unique ILFORD inkjet coating that gives the final print a wide colour gamut and excellent colour consistency. The paper has a fine-textured surface, is acid-free with no optical brighteners and so is suitable for fine art reproduction. Key features:
    • Look feel of a traditional washi paper
    • Fine texture
    • Free of acid and optical brighteners
  • Galerie Prestige Satin Photo 260gsm

    R2,674.00R4,902.00 Including VAT
    ILFORD GALERIE Satin Photo 260gsm is a medium weight, high-quality inkjet photo paper offering accurate reproductive qualities, and a robust surface for exceptional yet durable prints. This paper is created using the very latest universal inkjet coating technology from ILFORD, which ensures that prints are not only dry to the touch straight from the printer, but are compatible with all popular printer manufacturers. Key features:
    • Smooth satin surface
    • Excellent colour gamut
    • Medium weight RC photo paper
    • Instant dry
  • Galerie Prestige Fine Art Smooth 200gsm

    R518.00R2,835.00 Including VAT
    ILFORD GALERIE FineArt Smooth offers a cellulose alternative capable of delivering stunning contrast and sharpness with a large colour gamut. It is also very qualified for black and white reproduction. Key features:
    • Acid-free
    • Smooth surface
    • Made of alpha-cellulose
    • Free of optical brighteners
  • ILFORD GALERIE FineArt Smooth Pearl offers a cellulose alternative capable of delivering stunning contrast and sharpness with a large colour gamut. For the best printing results, we recommend using Photo Black to give the printed areas a slight gloss. Key features:
    • Excellent image sharpness
    • Matt surface
    • The printed areas have slight shiny
    • Bright white tint
  • Galerie Prestige Smooth Pearl 310gsm

    R169.05R3,188.82 Including VAT
    GALERIE Smooth Pearl paper features the very latest HDR (High Dynamic Range) optically clear coating and coupled with recent advancements in inkjet receiving layer design, makes this the reference media for producing images with superb clarity, high sharpness and excellent colour gamut. The high-density, resin coated heavyweight base and smooth pearl finish not only eliminate glare and fingerprints but with its natural photographic white tint, produce prints with the true look and feel of a photograph. For outstanding imaging performance, combined with the benefit of “touch dry” from the printer, this pearl surface media is the “choice of professionals”. Smooth Pearl is compatible with all high quality dye and pigment based inkjet printers. Key Benefits
    • Professional pearl finish
    • Instant dry surface
    • Superb photographic image quality and consistency
    • Heavyweight look and feel of a traditional photograph
    • Excellent compatibility with all good quality pigment and dye based inkjet printers
    • Superb colour gamut with dye ink printers
  • GPCN – Galerie Prestige Canvas Natural 340gsm

    R2,711.00R4,969.00 Including VAT
    ILFORD GALERIE Canvas Natural is a cotton/polyester blend canvas with a matt surface and natural tint. With no added optical brightening agents in the coating layer, this canvas offers stunning colour reproduction thanks to a wide colour gamut that enhances rich colours and provides deep, dense blacks. Key features:
    • Matt surface
    • Natural tint
    • Free of optical brighteners in the coating layer
  • Galerie Prestige Metallic Gloss 260gsm

    R742.00R11,494.00 Including VAT
    ILFORD GALERIE Metallic Gloss offers photographers the ability to print images with a true ‘wow’ factor. The iridium finish gives every image a three-dimensional look ensuring that each print truly comes to life. The resin coated paper is 260gsm and is suitable for creating display and exhibition prints or alternatively prints can be added to photo albums or portfolio work to create additional impact. Key features:
    • Perfect for Portrait and Studio photography
    • Metallic glossy surface
    • Medium weight RC photo paper
    • Instant dry
  • Galerie Prestige Crystal Gloss 290gsm

    R7,907.00R10,778.00 Including VAT
    The ILFORD GALERIE Crystal Gloss gives a unique pearly shine to your printouts. It is perfect for reproduction of e.g. glass, metallic objects, jewellery or other shiny objects. Due to its high gloss it shows perfect sharpness and contrast. Key Features
    • Crystal high glossy metallic surface
    • Excellent colour gamut
    • Instant dry
  • PPM225 Pastell Matt

    R1,258.00R2,306.00 Including VAT
    Matt paper with very low % of optical brighteners, authentic, natural high-quality appearance. This matt paper in unobtrusive pastel provides an expressive background for motifs with high artistic demands. It is suitable for b/w and sepia photos and also for high-quality products, such as individual menus and invitations. This PPM225 paper contains a very low percentage of optical brighteners, giving it an authentic and natural look and a long-lasting, high-quality appearance. Key features:
    • Very smooth
    • Pastell tint
  • PM230 Matt

    R861.00R3,546.00 Including VAT
    The perfect bright white all-rounder for all types of matt prints. This matt-coated photo paper, with its ability to absorb extremely large amounts of ink, stands out from other papers. Strong, vivid colours guarantee a pleasing and high-quality appearance that is reliable and long-lasting, even under extreme conditions. Ideal areas of use are menus and invitations, artistic b/w and sepia photos as well as demanding digital art prints. This paper is the perfect all-rounder for all types of matt printing and comes up trumps with its perfect price/performance ratio. Key features:
    • Good contrast
    • Bright white
    • Available in 64"
  • PL250 Luster

    R518.00R2,812.00 Including VAT
    High-quality inkjet paper with shadow detail. Outstanding for large-format portraits. This high-quality, inkjet paper is ideal for reproducing very wide colour gamuts, with excellent shadow detail. It’s properties make it an outstanding base for large-format, photorealistic black & white and colour portraits, ideal for wedding photos, baptisms and similar occasions. Key features:
    • Wide colour gamut
    • Unique luster surface
    • Bright white
  • BT270 Baryt

    R3,674.00R5,321.00 Including VAT
    Fibre-based baryta paper with pearl white finish This fibre-based substrate with its smooth, silky surface has the properties typical of a classical barite photo paper. Its triple coating makes it perfectly suited for razor-sharp prints rich in contrast. With its unique exhibition quality, it is equally suited for colour and b/w reproductions. The BT270 paper is 100% acid-free and therefore extremely resistant to ageing. It has the classical look and feel of a traditional silver halide barite paper. Key features:
    • Smooth silky surface
    • Triple coated
    • Acid-free
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