• Galerie Prestige Fine Art Textured Silk 270gsm

    R792.00R6,906.00 Including VAT
    ILFORD GALERIE FineArt Textured Silk offers a 25% cotton and 75% cellulose alternative capable of delivering stunning contrast and sharpness with a large colour gamut. It is also excellent for black and white reproductions.   Key features:
    • Excellent image sharpness
    • Textured matt surface
    • 25% cotton and 75% alpha-cellulose
    • Warm white media colour
  • Galerie Prestige Gold Fibre Gloss 310gsm

    R972.00R10,557.00 Including VAT
    ILFORD GALERIE Gold Fibre Gloss has a baryta-like surface and delivers high-end photo prints in professional photography, fine art reproduction and exhibition. This medium is free of optical brighteners and meets the criteria for durability according to ISO 9706. Key features:
    • Look and feel of traditional baryta photo paper
    • TIIPA award winner
    • Free of optical brighteners
    • Available in 64”
  • Galerie Prestige Metallic Gloss 260gsm

    R794.00R12,299.00 Including VAT
    ILFORD GALERIE Metallic Gloss offers photographers the ability to print images with a true ‘wow’ factor. The iridium finish gives every image a three-dimensional look ensuring that each print truly comes to life. The resin coated paper is 260gsm and is suitable for creating display and exhibition prints or alternatively prints can be added to photo albums or portfolio work to create additional impact. Key features:
    • Perfect for Portrait and Studio photography
    • Metallic glossy surface
    • Medium weight RC photo paper
    • Instant dry
  • BT270 Baryt

    R1,972.00R7,911.00 Including VAT
    Fibre-based baryta paper with pearl white finish This fibre-based substrate with its smooth, silky surface has the properties typical of a classical barite photo paper. Its triple coating makes it perfectly suited for razor-sharp prints rich in contrast. With its unique exhibition quality, it is equally suited for colour and b/w reproductions. The BT270 paper is 100% acid-free and therefore extremely resistant to ageing. It has the classical look and feel of a traditional silver halide barite paper. Key features:
    • Smooth silky surface
    • Triple coated
    • Acid-free
  • BTM275 Baryt Matt

    R1,748.00R2,742.00 Including VAT
    Baryt paper with a bright-white matt surface. The bright white BTM275 with a slightly textured surface consists of 100% alpha-cellulose. The ink of the printer gives the matt paper a slightly silky finish. Key features:
    • Bright white
    • Unique surface
    • Acid-free
  • CBW400 Canvas Bright White Matt

    R3,311.00R4,050.00 Including VAT
    Bright white matt canvas The CBW400 is a bright white, matt coated canvas. The matt canvas surface emphasizes the artistic character for reproductions of paintings. Due to its large colour gamut with deep blacks, it is also very suitable for photorealistic printouts like landscapes and portraits. To optimize the UV and scratch resistance we recommend to use TECCO:CANVAS PROTECT varnish with glossy, pearl or matt finish. Key features:
    • Acid-free
    • Bright white
  • Drylab PS190 Satin/SA

    R1,836.00 Including VAT
    2 rolls/unit Self-adhesive; semigloss PE-coated paper. Ideal for sticker production, highest print quality, instant dry. Key Features:
    • Self-adhesive
    • Semigloss
  • Drylab S225 Satin

    R2,506.00 Including VAT
    Satin PE-coated paper. Highest print quality, instant dry. For photo-realistic prints. Key features:
    • Semigloss
    • Highest print quality
  • EFI Gravure Proof Paper 4245 Semimatt

    R2,057.98R6,391.24 Including VAT
    Proof paper for offset and gravure printing – Suitable for proofing according to FOGRA 39 Microporous imaging layer Very wide color gamut
  • EFI Offset Proof Paper 9140XF Semimatt

    R3,419.81R5,124.11 Including VAT
    Especially developed for offset printing – Suitable for proofing according to FOGRA 39 Very good fading properties (reduced color fading) Very wide color gamut
  • EFI Proof Paper 8175OBA Matt

    R925.74R2,077.48 Including VAT
    Specially developed for proofing of uncoated production papers with high OBA content Suitable for proofing according to FOGRA 52. 17” roll
  • EFI Proof Paper 8200OBA Semimatt

    R1,396.96R4,338.09 Including VAT
    Especially developed for proofing of coated production papers with OBA content For FOGRA 51 proofing without paper white simulation Very suitable for simulating PC1
  • EFI Proof Paper 8245OBA Semimatt

    R2,101.05R6,163.66 Including VAT
    Semi matt proofing paper for FOGRA51 The EFI Proof Paper 8245OBA Semimatt was specially developed for proofing of coated production papers with OBA content. The very similar white point of the EFI Proof Paper 8245OBA Semimatt to FOGRA51 enables proofing without paper white simulation. It is also very suitable for simulating PC1 according to ISO 12647-2:2013. This paper is FOGRA certified according to ISO 12647-7 (semi-matte).
  • EFI Proof Paper ZP 55 (Newspaper)

    R1,230.79 Including VAT
    For contract proofing High-resolution Proof Paper similar to a standard newspaper. Special surface treatment. Best results with 4-colour printing.
  • Galerie Prestige Crystal Gloss 290gsm

    R4,617.00R10,778.00 Including VAT
    The ILFORD GALERIE Crystal Gloss gives a unique pearly shine to your printouts. It is perfect for reproduction of e.g. glass, metallic objects, jewellery or other shiny objects. Due to its high gloss it shows perfect sharpness and contrast. Key Features
    • Crystal high glossy metallic surface
    • Excellent colour gamut
    • Instant dry
  • Galerie Prestige Fine Art Smooth 200gsm

    R2,480.00R4,135.00 Including VAT
    ILFORD GALERIE FineArt Smooth offers a cellulose alternative capable of delivering stunning contrast and sharpness with a large colour gamut. It is also very qualified for black and white reproduction. Key features:
    • Acid-free
    • Smooth surface
    • Made of alpha-cellulose
    • Free of optical brighteners
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