ILFORD GALERIE Washi Torinoko is a fine art paper with a traditional, Washi, Japanese base and a fine-textured surface. The base, exclusively produced for ILFORD, is manufactured using a specialized Japanese Tanmo machine which produces a paper so refined it looks like it has been handmade. The Washi base is made in the Echizen area of Japan. This area is famous for the production of traditional Japanese paper and has a history of 1500 years in paper production. Torinoko Washi has the unique ILFORD inkjet coating that gives the final print a wide colour gamut and excellent colour consistency. The paper has a fine-textured surface, is acid-free with no optical brighteners and so is suitable for fine art reproduction. Key features:
  • Look feel of a traditional washi paper
  • Fine texture
  • Free of acid and optical brighteners