CBW400 Canvas Bright White Matt


The CBW400 is a bright white, matt coated canvas. The matt canvas surface emphasizes the artistic character for reproductions of paintings. Due to its large color gamut with deep blacks it is also very suitable for photorealistic printouts like landscapes and portraits.



This substrate is acid-free, providing a high resistance to ageing and light. Coated on both sides, it offers additional possibilities for use, e.g. the printing of double-sided photo albums with an artistic flair. The very fine, homogenous surface structure with matt coating ensures a pleasing and firstclass feel.

PD305 DUO Matt


This double-sided matte coated paper is the first choice for producing high-quality and high-resolution printouts. The matte surface is ideal for creating top quality prints for photo albums, large-format calendars and greeting cards. The dual print characteristics guarantee different uses and open a wide range of new applications.

ISG 250 Iridium Silver Gloss


The ISG250 is a glossy, silver-metallised photo paper with unique Iridium-like surface and extremely high resolution for professional Photographers and ambitious Hobby Photographers. The unique metallised character especially appears in motives like industrial, automobile or jewel photography or wherever chrome, steel, gold or silver is in the spotlight.

BT270 Baryt


This fibre-based substrate with its smooth, silky surface has the properties typical of a classical barite photo paper. Its triple coating makes it perfectly suited for razor-sharp prints rich in contrast. With its unique exhibition quality it is equally suited for colour and b/w reproductions. The BT270 paper is 100% acid-free and therefore extremely resistant to ageing. It has the classical look and feel of a traditional silver halide barite paper.

PL285 Premium Luster


This high-quality, heavy-weight inkjet paper is ideal for reproducing very wide colour gamuts, with excellent shadow detail. The paper’s properties make it an outstanding base for large-format, photo-realistic blackand-white and colour portraits, such as wedding photos, baptisms and similar occasions.

PL250 Luster


This high-quality, inkjet paper is ideal for reproducing very wide colour gamuts, with excellent shadow detail. It’s properties make it an outstanding base for large-format, photo-realistic black & white and colour portraits, ideal for wedding photos, baptisms and similar occasions.

PM230 MATT (230 g/m²)


This matt-coated photo paper, with its ability to absorb extremely large amounts of ink, stands out from other papers. Strong, vivid colours guarantee a pleasing and high quality appearance that is reliable and long lasting, even under extreme conditions. Ideal areas of use are menus and invitations, artistic b/w and sepia photos as well as demanding digital art prints. This paper is the perfect all-rounder for all types of matt printing and comes up trumps with its perfect price/performance ratio.

BFS310 BARYT FIBRE SILK (310 g/m²)


Baryt Fibre Silk has a true baryta (barium sulphate) direct below the inkjet layer coating. This special feature creates images with exceptional gamut for vivid colour reproduction and the unique look of traditional silver halide photo paper. The BFS310 creates high definition images with an extended tonal range and excellent archival properties making it a first choice for exhibition quality prints.