PPM CL10 Cellphone and Tablet Charging Locker


The cleverly designed CL10 Cellphone and Tablet charging locker is an essential component in any university, school, business or factory environment. It features a user-friendly, space-efficient design and supports concurrent charging of up to 2 iPads or Android Tablets and 8 iPhones or Android Phones. Quickly set up your lock combination for a secure charge of your phone or tablet.

L16u Tablet Charge & Sync Cabinet


Charge, Sync and secure mobile devices in the intelligent L16u charge cabinet. The L16u features a stackable design, allowing for flexible storage. What’s more, once one cabinet is plugged into a power source it can provide power to additional cabinets, making adding cabinets straightforward and headache-free.

C30u Tablet Charge & Sync Trolley


The cleverly designed C30u tablet sync and charge cart is an essential component of any tablet learning classroom. It features a user friendly, space-efficient design and supports concurrent charging of up to 30 iPads and Android tablets. Quickly add, remove or modify apps, files and user profiles simultaneously on all connected iPads and Android tablets using the sync function.

S40i Tablet, Chromebook & Laptop Charge Trolley


Our tablet, Chromebook & laptop charge cart features an intelligent charging system to optimise total charge time by dynamically evaluating power demand in separate charging zones, ensuring that the electric current is efficiently allocated to the devices that need it most. In addition, LED status indicators offer instant updates on the charging progress of each zone.