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Project Description

WePresent WIPG1000

The WePresent WIPG1000 is a spectacular presentation tool that allows a group of up to 64 users, to take turns in wirelessly presenting from their Win/Mac computer, Smartphone or Tablet.

The WePresent can be connected to any TV, display or projector with HDMI or VGA connection, and can project up to full HD resolution!

It also supports Touchscreens and Interactive White Boards! Allowing the presenter to have full control over the projecting computer on the touchscreen, wirelessly!

The WePresent WIPG1000 is a spectacular presentation tool
that allows a group of up to 64 users.

VGA or HDMI output, up to full HD
Connect the WePresent-1000 to any HDMI / VGA display or
projector and set output resolution up to Full HD!
Conference Control
Manage up to 64 connected users as administrator and
control who is projecting and where.
4-to-1 Projection
Use the WePresent software interface (or Conference
Control) to choose in which screen-quadrant a projection is
Wireless Access Point
When connected to wired or wireless network the WePresent
functions as a wireless access point, allowing internet
Use your tablet or smartphone to wirelessly control the
projecting PC/Mac.
WiFi-Doc will project any Powerpoint, Excel, Word, PDF files
or photos from your tablet or smartphone to the WiPG-1000.
Sender for Galaxy
With the Sender for Galaxy app it is possbile to mirror the
screen from your Samsung Galaxy device to the WiPG.
Allow audience to view the speaker’s current slides in their
webbrowser and save them for taking notes.
Touchscreen and Interactive White Board supported
Speaker and audience can interact on touchscreen or IWB
Fast Plug-and-Show USB token
Allow a guest to start the WePresent software directly from a
USB stick, without installing any software on their computer.

Package Includes

WiPG-1000 Device & 2x Antenna’s

Plug & Show Token

Power Supply Unit

Code Description
WiPG1000-1000 WePresent WIPG-1000 Wireless Presenter
WiPG1000-Antenna* 1x WiPG-1000 Replacement Antenna

* Optional Extra’s or Replacement Parts