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Project Description

Parrot eBoard

The Parrot eBoard allows up to two users to interact simultaneously on the Interactive Whiteboard at the same time.

Nano Technology on the surface area allows for a Standard Parrot Whiteboard Marker to be used in the event of a power failure. Whiteboard Marker on the surface can be erased using a Parrot Aqua Wipe.

The board features 14 pre-programmed buttons on the left and right hand side facilitating quick access to regularly used functions. Users are afforded the option of using either their finger or the stylus pen provided.

Eboard_logo Touch Sensitive Interactive Whiteboard

Dual vision touch sensitive technology.
Use finger or stylus pen supplied.
Communication Interface
Connected to PC/Laptop via USB Cable, 5meter USB cable supplied. Board is powered via USB Cable.
Active Working Area
IW1800 – 920 x 690mm (4:3)
IW2100 – 1560 x 1170mm (4:3).
IW2250 – 2040mm x 1275mm (16:9)
Includes the Full Parrot Software Package with 5 User Licenses for Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8, MacOs.
Fixed installations – Use supplied brackets.
Nano technology, bright, anti scratch surface allowing a standard Parrot whiteboard marker to be used.
Required – Refer to page 14 + 15 for information on our projector
Standard 3 years.
Code Description Size
Parrot_IW1800 E-board Multi-touch  1350 x 780mm
Parrot_IW2100 E-board Multi-touch  1675 x 1260mm
Parrot_IW2250 E-board Multi-touch  2155 x 1365mm
Parrot_IW2010* Replacement Stylus
Parrot_SW1001* Parrot Software 1 Additional user
Parrot_SW1005* Parrot Software 5 Additional users

* Optional Extra’s or Replacement Parts

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Package Includes

Interactive Board

USB Cable

Software Disc

2x Stylus Pens