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Project Description

PPM Tripod Screens


  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Easy to Setup
  • Matt White Fabric offering a Bright Crisp Image
  • Full Black Border
  • Black Backing
  • *Optional Carry Bag available

Quick Release

Easily Remove Screen from Tripod

Height Adjustable

Easily Adjust the Height

Adjustable Screen Ratio

Easily Change Screen Ratio
4:3 | 16:9 | 16:10

Screen Hook

Easily Hook Screen

Keystone Hook

Built in Keystone Bracket

Code Description Size
TS43_1250 Tripod Screen 4:3  1190 x 880mm
TS43_1500 Tripod Screen 4:3  1440 x 1065mm
TS43_1800 Tripod Screen 4:3  1740 x 1290mm
TS43_2100 Tripod Screen 4:3 2040 x 1540mm
CB1250* Tripod Screen Carry Bag  1250mm
CB1500* Tripod Screen Carry Bag  1500mm
CB1800* Tripod Screen Carry Bag  1800mm
CB2100* Tripod Screen Carry Bag  2100mm

* Optional Extra’s or Replacement Parts

Remember that although the tripod screens are a standard 4:3 Ratio, they can be changed to a 16:9, 16:10 Ratio. Remember the viewing size will change once the Screen Ratio is adjusted.

Package Includes

Tripod Screen