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Project Description

PPM Electric Screens

Product Specifications

  • White Steel Square-Shaped Housing Powder Coated

  • Matt White Fabric offering a Bright Crisp Image

  • Full Black Border

  • Black Backing

  • Adjustable Top and Bottom Limit Switches

  • Easy to install (Wall or Ceiling)

Synchronous Motor

Plastic End Cap

Plastic End Cap For

1800 – 3000mm Screens

Plastic End Cap For

4000mm Screens

Screen Mounting

Adjustable Top Black Border

Wired Wall Mount Remote

Wireless IR Remote

Code Description Size
ES43_1800  Electric Screen 4:3  1800 x 1350mm
ES43_2000  Electric Screen 4:3  2000 x 1500mm
ES43_2400  Electric Screen 4:3  2400 x 1800mm
ES43_3100  Electric Screen 4:3  3140 x 2355mm
ES61_1800  Electric Screen 16:10  1800 x 1120mm
ES61_2000  Electric Screen 16:10  2000 x 1250mm
ES61_2400  Electric Screen 16:10  2400 x 1500mm
ES61_3000  Electric Screen 16:10  3000 x 1875mm
ES61_4000  Electric Screen 16:10  4000 x 2500mm


Package Includes

Electric Screen

Wireless Remote

Wired Remote