PPM CS8 Cellphone and Tablet Charging Station

//PPM CS8 Cellphone and Tablet Charging Station
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Project Description

PPM CS8 Cellphone and Tablet Charging Station

This unit is our primary commercial advertising unit. Ideal for events, exhibitions, motor dealerships, tyre fitment centres, canteens, just about any venue where you find people in numbers. It has a large face to place you branding and message.

This versatile unit can be used as a wall mount, floor stand or table mount option. Create the dwell time you are looking for, as people will remain with their phones during the charging process.

The device comes with 8 charging heads. The OB2 is used widely around the globe by some of the largest business, retail and hospitality corporations.

The versatile OB2 can either be wall mounted, or a table top model with a table stand bracket, or a free standing floor stand, using the optional floor stand. For exhibitions, events and conferences the Floor stand model is available with a battery pack, for areas where electrical outlets are unavailable. So the unit is perfect for any event.

The ideal charger to get your message across.

Fast Charge Universal Charging Stations

  • The CS8 is a commercial grade charging station designed to withstand high usage.

  • Charging for up to 8 devices simultaneously.

  • Suitable for 99% of current devices.

  • Featuring fast charge technology.

  • Safe to use. Adheres to latest charging standards.

  • Includes a built-in protection circuit preventing excessive charging or over-charging.

Opportunity for Branding

  • Unit can be branded

  • Advertise or use as a notice board – Advertise your Brand or welcome your conference guests with their name inserted on station.

  • Ideal for reception areas, hotels, conference venues, meeting rooms.

  • Available as a wall mount unit – stand or table is an optional extra

Product Specifications

Input AC Adaptor 100 ~ 240V 50/60Mhz
Output 8 Charging Ports 8 x DC 5V/1.5A
Dimensions: 480mm x 325mm, x 40mm
Material Acrylic, * Colour: Black

Package Includes

Charging Station

Power Cable

Code Description
PPM_CS8 PPM Tablet, Cellphone Charging Station
PPM_CSFS* Charging Station Floor Stand
PPM_CSTS* Charging Station Table Stand
PPM_CSCB* Charging Station Custom Printed Branding

*Optional Extra’s or Replacement Parts