Portable Interactive Whiteboard System

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Project Description

Portable Interactive Whiteboard System

The Parrot Portable Interactive Whiteboard System is a cost effective Interactive Solution, that converts any flat smooth surface to an interactive display. Interact with your PC/Laptop either directly or at the projected surface using the ergonomically designed Stylus Electronic Pen (e-pen). The e-pen is chargeable via USB. Web pages and You Tube clips can be added to bring presentation material to life and ensure your electronic presentations are dynamic.

Converts any flat smooth surface to an Interactive Display

Infrared processing between the stylus e-pen and receiver.
Communication Interface
Signal receiver connected to PC/Laptop via USB cable limited to a distance of 40 meters. Receiver is powered via the USB cable.
Projected Image Size
Up to 3000mm diagonal (4:3 or 16:9).
Includes the Basic FreeClass Software
Compatible with Windows Xp/2003/vista/7/8, MacOs.
***The Full Parrot Software Package to be purchased separately
Code Description Size
Parrot_IW1000 Portable IWB System
Parrot_IW1050* Replacement Stylus e-pen
Parrot_IW1051* Replacement Pen Nib
Parrot_IW1063* Non-Reflective Whiteboard 1620 x 1220mm
Parrot_SW1001* Parrot Software 1 Additional user
Parrot_SW1005* Parrot Software 5 Additional users

* Optional Extra’s or Replacement Parts

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