EZCast M940

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Project Description

EZCast M940 Pro Wireless Unit

The EZCast Pro LAN is a new product integrating Ethernet to provide a more stable internet connection.

The WiFi module with dual antenna design provides better wifi performance.

The EZCast M940 offers dual output for VGA/HDMI, in conjunction with far-site administration.

The router support makes the EZCast M940 the best fit for office and classroom environments.

New Hardware Design

Integrated with wireless display and Ethernet connection. Much more stable streaming performance and facilitating wireless sharing with wired connection.

Conference Control

EZCast Pro provides conference control panel for more efficient and effective meeting.

Split Screen

EZCast Pro allows to display content from different sources up to 4 split screens, this is the best way for you compare different content in a meeting or class. Through the advanced host control system, only the host or administrator can control the display.

Far-site administration control

EZCast Pro LAN supports far-site administration.

Package Includes

EZCast Unit

Power Supply

Code Description
EZCast_Pro EZCast M940 Pro Wireless Unit