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Project Description

Introducing the Interactive Pro

With all the features you know and love from the Classic range, the Pro range is defined by signature styling and 4k ultra-definition resolution. The Pro touchscreen has the perfect balance between practicality and presentation, and doesn’t just look impressive, it IS impressive.

Present in Style

Experience 4K

The Pro range provides stunning resolution at 3840×2160 @60Hz. With ultra sharp graphics and text, your presentations will create a lasting impression.

Only the Best

All Pro touchscreens utilise the highest Commercial Grade LED display on the market, which boasts a 50,000 hour life expectancy. A Pro Touchscreen will look its best for up to 17 years, with no maintenance or replacement lamps required.

A Design Statement

CommBox has invested heavily in the research and development of interactive touchscreens, and the aesthetic design principle reflects this. Modern, sleek, quality finishes.

The Pro touchscreen’s glossy, streamlined frame and stylish good looks makes a design statement in any room.

Leading Technology

CommBox utilises the combined camera and infra-red touch technologies (optical) guaranteeing that the Pro touchscreens are ultra-responsive and highly accurate. All CommBox touchscreens provide the ultimate Windows 8 & 10 touch experience with active.

CB_PR80 80″ Ultra HD 4K Touch LED 2024 x 1120mm