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Project Description

CommBox Control Systems

Discover intuitive web based control from your own mobile device, or choose a wall mount control panel.

Simplifying Technology

Pro & Lite

Revolutionary new web based
control system that brings style
and sophistication to the world
of room control.

Joey Micro

Fully customisable wall mounted
six or nine button control panel
with LEDs.

Joey Lite

Fully customisable wall mounted
twenty-four button control panel
with LEDs.

Code Description Code Description
CS_PRO Commbox Control Pro CS_Glass Joey Lite Replacement Glass
CS_LITE Commbox Control Lite CS_PIR Room Movement Detector
CS_JM6 Joey Micro 6 Button CS_RB PPM Relay Box
CS_JM9 Joey Micro 9 Button CS_12R PPM 12V Relay
CS_JL24 Joey Lite 24 Button CS_PSU PPM 12V Power Supply Unit

This is a specialized product which needs to be installed by trained personnel and requires programming. Please contact us before placing orders to confirm requirements

Control Pro & Lite

What is CommBox Control?

CommBox Control is a revolutionary new web based control system that brings style and sophistication to the world of room control.

From the precision engineered aluminium facia through to the ground breaking cloud based control editor, no stone has been left unturned in the pursuit of the perfect control system.

The editor and control UI define intuitive simplicity; a perfect complement to a precision engineered controller that will enhance even the finest server rack.

Control User Interface

HTML5 Interface – Cutting edge HTML 5 web interface allows control from any device, anywhere, such as phones, tablets and computers.

Stunning Graphics – Crisp vibrant modern graphics and easy-touch buttons make it a joy to control

Feedback – Dynamic device status is reflected live in the control UI

Secure – Optional secure login

Optimised for Mobile – Simple mobile optimized administration web UI to configure the controller


Modern Design – Sleek modern anodised aluminium facia exudes quality

Unlimited Control – Control a vast array of devices through a range of control ports, including Ethernet, IR, RS232/485, I/O contact closures and relays

Ultra Responsive – Responds to real-time events from connected devices by running custom command sequences

Wallmount Control Integration – Integrates seamlessly with CommBox JOEY wall mount controllers

Control Editor

HTML5 Editor – Ground breaking HTML 5 web editor allows control UIs to be developed with ease, by anyone

Drag & Drop – Intuitive drag and drop and simple workflows make it fast, simple and cost effective

Simple – A short learning curve means that it can be mastered by all

Existing Library – Access CommBox’s vast library of IR and RS232 codes without touching a single line of code

Modular – Includes modules for HTTP control and integrating existing JOEY wall controllers

Powerful – Extensible plug-in system enables more complex 2-way control, so CommBox Control can easily handle the most challenging problems

Control Joey Micro 6 & 9

Smart Technology

The Joey Micro will save you money by managing your equipment. The Joey Micro is smart enough to know when a room is empty and will shut the room down; especially important where projectors are installed. The Joey Micro does this by tracking time, key presses and room movement.

Fully Customisable

Joey Micro 6 and 9 come as complete kits and can control multiple devices. Design your own layout in landscape or portrait orientation for 6 or 9 button configurations using the simple drag and drop style Joey authoring program.

  • Infra-Red
  • RS232
  • Contact Closure

Control Joey Lite


A new concept in inexpensive, flexible control systems. The Joey Lite is effectively a touchscreen without the LCD screen, using state of the art fibre optic backlighting to light its touchscreen.

Complete Control Solution

Joey Lite can directly control your equipment via infra-red and RS232. This allows the Joey Lite to be a complete control solution, with far more functionality than any other control system out there within this price range due to having twenty-four programmable buttons. In addition, there are LEDs on each button, which can be programmed to indicate the mode your system is in.