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Project Description

AVer F50HD

Effortlessly accomplish numerous tasks with the innovative AVerVision F50HD flexible arm visualizer.

The onboard annotation feature – an industry-first for portable visualizers – lets you swiftly and simply annotate over captured images without a PC.

The F50HD’s incredible image quality, impressive zooming capabilities and flexible arm ensure youíll capture an outstanding image every time.

The one-touch recording function allows you to record high-quality video directly to a USB flash drive or SDHC card.

The possibilities for this versatile presentation solution are practically endless through our latest A+ Suite visualizer software.

A New Age of Classroom Collaboration

With so many tools in one – a scanner, web-video-digital camera, lined-graph-plain paper,
and “best-in-class image clarity,” the F50HD document camera allows you
to see clearly with every single action.

Smooth 30fps one-touch recording

All the sounds and excitement of live experiments, head-to-head debates and object examination are captured perfectly for future use both in class and at home through the F50HD’s lag-free 30fps recording directly to an SDHC card or USB flash drive.

Impressive 8X optical zoom

See minuscule objects and live specimens in fantastic detail thanks to F50HD’s impressive 8X optical zoom capabilities, or magnify the objects up to 200X total zoom to have an even closer look at what’s going on under the lens.

Innovative onboard annotation tool

Quickly make digital notes on still images with a USB mouse and save them for future use or modification. Hand the mouse over to the students to create an added degree of excitement and interaction that will turn any activity into an instant class favorite.

Code Description
Aver_F50HD Aver F50HD Visualizer
Aver_MA* Microscope Adapter
Aver_LB* Light box
Aver_USB* Replacement USB Cable
Aver_PSU* Replacement Power Supply

* Optional Extra’s or Replacement Parts

Package Includes

F50HD Unit

Remote Control

USB Cable

Power Supply Unit

Software CD

Quick Guide