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Project Description

AVer F17HD+

Captivate your students with sharp, vivid images captured by the AVerVision F17HD+ visualizer with impressive 32X zoom capabilities and a high-sensitivity image sensor.

F17HD+ also supports full HD image streaming via HDMI input/output to ensure the highest quality learning experience.

What’s more, you can capture objects from any angle thanks to Aver’s signature flexible arm.

When not in use, the F17HD+ camera easily locks into the base for quick, secure transportation and storage. Its superior flexibility and portability makes it a perfect addition to every classroom.

Flex your imagination

The F17HD 5MP document camera displays outstanding image quality with a large shooting area of
nearly 20″ x 15″, a 32X zoom, and HD video at 30fps. The F17HD document camera offers best
in class quality at an unbeatable value.

1-to-1 Connections with students

Create a truly interactive learning environment with the Sphere2’s Class feature and AVer ClassSend student app for iOS, Android and Chrome. Through ClassSend, teachers can instantaneously push snapshots of live visualizer (document camera) images to all connected student devices, letting students add their own notes to images and send them right back to share with the whole class.

Advanced full HD image streaming via HDMI

HDMI input and output allow teachers to make high-resolution, interactive multimedia presentations. The F17HD+ advanced and versatile connectivity is compatible with all current PCs, laptops and projectors, and ensures the highest quality image transmission – no HDMI to VGA convertors required.

Smooth 30fps one-touch recording

Record all the sounds and excitement of live experiments, head-to-head debates and object examination directly to an SD or SDHC card at 30fps. Playback the video during later class periods or put it online for students to view when they get home.

Extended storage/playback options

Save hundreds of high resolution (5M) images to an SD or SDHC card and take the images captured via the visualizer home with you, or playback image files already stored to your card when working with the visualizer in class.

Code Description
Aver_F17HD Aver F17HD+ Visualizer
Aver_MA* Microscope Adapter
Aver_LB* Light box
Aver_USB* Replacement USB Cable
Aver_PSU* Replacement Power Supply

* Optional Extra’s or Replacement Parts

Package Includes

F17+ Unit

Remote Control

USB Cable

Software CD

Quick Guide