Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards2017-04-02T15:43:20+01:00

Portable Interactive Whiteboard System

The Parrot Portable Interactive Whiteboard System is a cost effective Interactive Solution, that converts any flat smooth surface to an interactive display. Interact with your PC/Laptop either directly or at the projected surface using the ergonomically designed Stylus Electronic Pen (e-pen). The e-pen is chargeable via USB. Web pages and You Tube clips can be added to bring presentation material to life and ensure your electronic presentations are dynamic.


Touch Sensitive Interactive Whiteboard

The Parrot allows up to two users to interact simultaneously on the Interactive Whiteboard at the same time. Nano Technology on the surface area allows for a Standard Parrot Whiteboard Marker to be used in the event of a power failure. Whiteboard Marker on the surface can be erased using a Parrot Aqua Wipe. The board features 14 pre-programmed buttons on the left and right hand side facilitating quick access to regularly used functions.