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Project Description

AverMedia AW330 Wireless Microphone & Speaker

The AW330 Wireless Classroom Audio System is a portable sound solution for voice and multimedia both inside and outside the classroom. With 2.4 GHz wireless technology, speaker buzz reduction and a rechargeable battery, this lightweight yet solid system ensures the best audio quality and mobility regardless of where you teach.

Ensures the best audio quality and mobility.

Just teach, we’ll do the rest!

The microphone is able to maintain a constant 360° connection to the speaker virtually eliminating signal loss and channel interferences. Unlike IR microphones’ need for line of-sight, or FM microphones’ channel limitations, our 2.4 GHz microphone always stays connected for clear, stable audio no matter where you’re facing.

Enrich your class

Enhance your students’ learning experience by adding multimedia audio through the additional audio input port. Simply connect your smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other audio source to be amplified along with your voice.

Easily portable audio system

Compact and powered by a lithium polymer battery, this audio system is highly portable and will last an entire school day before recharging is required. The 20 watt speaker delivers ample and clear sound whether used inside or outside the classroom.

Code Description
AVERM_AW330 AverMedia Wireless Microphone & Receiver

Package Includes



3.5 mm Audio Cable

USB Charging Cable

Power Supply for Speaker

Lanyard & Buckle

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